"Long-Time Association Executive Opens Unique Consulting Firm with a Valuable Perspective"

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The mission of Brewer Pratt Solutions LLC is to evolve associations through candid, hyper-customized and transformative solutions.

Whether tailored strategies or effective tactics, Brewer Pratt Solutions' exhaustive and personal approach is anything but traditional. We invite you to contact us to discuss your current challenges or even whats on your to-do list. 


We've been in your shoes. We know the demands of a board and the membership, the need for a strategic road map and data-driven decisions. Our objective is to listen, identify and deliver candid solutions that achieve your goals. This will mean something different for each client and that is why we conduct a ardent discovery phase. We also see you through the entire life-cycle of your initiative, not leaving you with the strategy right when its time to start doing the work. 


Many consultants in the non-profit arena offer similar, out of the box, “best practice” strategies. Many have never worked in an association and can lack the holistic perspective required to transform these unique organizations. Brewer Pratt Solutions is different and far from out of the box. We are committed to impactful assistance, hyper custom solutions, transformative results, and meaningful follow-up.


Honest and hyper-custom solutions that transform associations.

Brewer Pratt Solutions LLC specializes in transformative solutions that will grow your organization, help you manage change, function at the highest level and adopt more effective leadership and governance practices.

together we transform

For more than 15 years, I have worked to engage members, communicate value, facilitate effective governance and advance hundreds of regional affiliate associations around the world. I've been in your shoes and I want to help you and your organization not just survive, but evolve. 

I tell it like it is and am never short on ideas to help address your unique challenges. This is about you, your members and your organization! BPS offers two paths: project-based expertise on an outsource basis for associations seeking cost effective, highly efficient support, and specialized strategic consulting for organizations in need of high-level guidance to determine strategic direction, improve operations and better engage leaders. Big or small, let's get it done!

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