What will your membership look like in 2025? What will your reserves look like for that matter? Work with Brewer Pratt Solutions to develop a business plan that brings attainable balance.



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project-based solutions


Finally get around to those projects and initiatives that need to be done by engaging Brewer Pratt Solutions to expand your bandwidth in a cost effective and impactful way. Your Board and membership are waiting! 


Whether volunteer, board members or your staff, leadership must be cultivated and developed. Brewer Pratt Solutions can help you build a leadership pipeline and engage your current leaders. 


Crafting impactful strategic initiatives takes a dedicated and specialized approach. We can develop a plan that doesn't just get put on a shelf. Get what you need, not what some consultant is selling. Talk to Brewer Pratt Solutions.


Is your organization prepared to thrive after the departure of long-tenured staff or the retirement of your most active members? Succession planning can take many forms and can't be ignored. Let BPS help!



strategy-based solutions

Many consultants have a very narrow niche or will sell you a slightly different version of what they did for another client. Talk to Brewer Pratt Solutions to get candid and custom answers to your unique challenges.


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Brewer Pratt Solutions really listens to the challenges you are facing. With more than 15 years in your shoes, we will spend dedicated time assessing your needs and the opportunities at hand.


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